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Sree Thakur Satyananda

thakur sree satyananda

Sree Thakur Satyananda was initiated by Swami Abhedananda, one of the favorite disciples of Sree Ramkrishna. The Mahapeeth is being built on Thakur Satyananda’s vision.

Sree Archana Puri Maa

sree archana puri maa
Sree Maa Archana Puri is the Manaskanya or adopted daughter of Sree Thakur. Sree Maa founded Sree Satyananda Deyavatan in 1976 & Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth in 1992.

Swami Mrigananda

swami mrigananda
Swami Mrigananda, a soul devoted to Sree Thakur and Sree Maa is the current President of Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth & Maa Archana Yoga Bharati.

About the Mahapeeth

As a continuous process of spreading Thakur Sree Satyananda’s ideals, Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth was founded by Sannyasini Sree Archana Puri Maa in the year 1992.
It was founded as a Charitable Trust on the vision of Sree Thakur Satyananda, in the lineage of Sree Thakur Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada, Swami Vivekananda and Swami Abhedananda at Ramnagar-Uttarbhag, Baruipur, 24 pgns (S), West Bengal, India.

Our Activities

Sree Satyananda Vidyaniketan School has been operational from April 2002 for classes Preparatory to X for about 500 children on a charitable basis by dedicated teachers.


A Medical Center is being run in the ashram with General Medicine, Gynecology, Child Disease, Homeopathy, Eye Clinic and Outdoor section.


A Mother & Child welfare home has been started at the ashram in association with IOC for the welfare of rural women of the neighboring villages.


To spread the benefits of Yoga, a Yoga Centre with AYUSH facilities called “Maa Archana Yoga Bharati” has been set up at the Mahapeeth premises.


Under Sree Archana Maa’s able guidance, a comprehensive and integrated Gurukul education complex cum a unique pilgrimage site has been set up at the ashram complex.


A goshala having 20 cows has been set up, where milk and various dairy products are being sold to the down-trodden people at cheap rates.


Traditional farming as well as cultivation of medicinal herbs is being done at the ashram’s own agricultural land using bio fertilizers in association with local farmers.


Various charitable tasks like providing clean arsenic-free drinking water to local villages, low cost housing, etc. are also being done simultaneously.


A huge array of activities are regularly taken up by the ashram to promote the rich heritage of ancient Indian culture among the masses.


Past Events​

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Science of Better Living with the Systems of Praansangeet – a programe to educate people about Education, health, Food and Entertainment, will take place on 21st April from 11 am to 8 pm.

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